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In this video you can see how to download, save and use the files.

How to use a digital planner?

To use a digital planner you need to have some kind of pdf annotation app so you could write on the pages and click the tabs. Some of them are free, others cost some money. You can find them in your App Store or in Google Play if you use android. Apart from that you don’t need anything else to use this planner. A stylus would be useful for writing but you can use text feature of the app and type everything you need. 

Also please note that digital pdf planners are just like paper planners but in digital format so you can add text and writing to them, insert stickers and shapes, highlight writing and draw. Also you can click the tabs and other hyperlinks and this is almost like having a tab in a paper planner as well. But you can’t make recurring reminders, edit design of the planner or sync it with other apps. 

So here are 4 steps to start using your planner:

  1. Download a pdf annotation app on your device. The most common apps for digital planning are Goodnotes 5 (iOS), Xodo (iOS, Windows, Android) and Notability (iOS).
  2. Download the planner you purchased on your device.
  3. Import it to a pdf annotation app of your choice.
  4. Enjoy planning!

How to click hyperlinks (tabs) in a digital planner?

For tabs to work in GoodNotes you need to click this button or you will be writing on them instead. In other apps the instructions are similar, just turn off the pen tool or select a hand icon.

How to duplicate pages in a digital planner?

To duplicate pages in your planner in GoodNotes click plus button on the right corner and then choose «use current template». In other apps the instructions are similar, just use duplicate page function and then use the template of selected page. 

How to use digital stickers?

All sticker orders include 2 files with identical stickers but for different pdf annotation apps.

The file that ends with .goodnotes can be used in Goodnotes 5 only. 

The other file with .zip at the end contains png stickers with transparent background and they can be used in other pdf annotation apps such as Notability and others. 

How to import sticker pack into Goodnotes 5 :

  1. Save file that ends with .goodnotes on your device
  2. Open Goodnotes and use "Import" button
  3. Navigate to the saved sticker pack file and click it
  4. After the file is loaded you can use lasso too, select the sticker you like "Copy" it, then open your planner hold the screen and choose "Paste".
  5. Please circle the stickers only in the middle so the lasso tool won’t select other stickers. 

How to import sticker pack to other apps :

  1. Save file that ends with .zip on your device
  2. Unzip this archive (usually you can do it just by clicking the file)
  3. Save unzipped png stickers to your photo library. You can do it by selecting all the files (use "Select" button and then "Select all") and exporting them to your Photos. Export button usually looks like an upward arrow.
  4. Open your pdf annotation app, open your planner and use "Import picture" feature to import a png sticker.

I hope this was helpful

Please let me know if you have any questions by using "Contact" page on this website or writing me an email to